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Resent Progress on Heat Conductive Polymers and Polymer Composites

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Title:Resent Progress on Heat Conductive Polymers and Polymer Composites

Speaker: Dr. Hongyu Chen
Fellow, The Dow Chemical Company
Chair of Dow Asia Pacific Scientist Committee
Member of Dow Asia Pacific R&D Leadership Team (one of 6 members)
Member of Dow Chemical Gloabal Core R&D Technical Advisory Team (one of 7 members)

Thermal management is critical to the performance, lifetime, and reliability of electronic devices. With the miniaturization, integration and functionalization of electronics and the emergence of new applications such as light emitting diodes, etc, thermal dissipation becomes a challenging problem. Now more than ever there are both needs and opportunities for thermally conductive materials to help address this challenge. This talk will discuss fundamental design principles of highly thermally conductive composites, with specific emphasis on the importance of the polymer matrix thermal conductivity, as well as the role played by the inorganic fillers and the importance of the microstructure of the composites. The key factors that influence the thermal conductivity of polymers, such as chain structure, crystallinity, crystal form, orientation of polymer chains, and orientation of ordered domains in both thermoplastics and thermosets are discussed. Our recent progress on designing highly heat conductive liquid crystalline epoxies will be introduced. The properties of various thermally conductive inorganic fillers are described and analyzed. The influence of morphology and properties of fillers, such as filler type, loading level, filler size, filler shape, surface treatment, hybrid fillers on the thermal conductivity of composites will be elaborated with our recent examples. Recent work on controlling the microstructure of polymer composites to achieve high thermal conductivity will be also discussed.