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College of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Zhejiang University was founded in 1927 by Prof. Shou-heng Li, the pioneer of chemical engineering education in China. As the first Chemical Engineering College ever established, we have been consistently ranked as one of the best in China.
The college comprises 6 institutes: Institute of Chemical Engineering, UNILAB Research Center for Chemical Reaction Engineering, Institute of Polymer and Polymerization Engineering, Institute of Bioengineering, Institute of Pharmaceutical Engineering, and Institute of Industrial Ecology and Environment.
The college houses three national key laboratories and several research centers: State Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering at Zhejiang University, National Laboratory of Secondary Resources Chemical Engineering, National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory for Industrial Biocatalysis, Key Laboratory of Biomass Chemical Engineering(Zhejiang University), Ministry of Education, Engineering Laboratory for Industrial Biocatalysis of Zhejiang Province, Engineering Research Center of Membrane and Water Treatment Technology(MOE)(joint with the department of Polymer Science and Engineering). In addition, Chemical Engineering is recognized as the national key programs, Biochemical Engineering as the national key breeding program, Biochemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry and Industrial Catalysis as the key programs of Zhejiang Province.
We currently have three undergraduate programs: Chemical Engineering and Technology, Bioengineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering. We offer PhD programs in the general area of Chemical Engineering and Technology. At the post-doctoral level, we have the authority to host postdoctoral scholars in Chemical Engineering and Technology, Bioengineering.
As of September 2016, the college has a total of 170 faculty and staff members including 55 full professors, 51 associate professors, 25 post-doctors, and 18 technicians. The excellence of our faculty team is reflected by its wide recognitions by various prestigious national programs: National Recruitment Program of Global Experts (2), National Recruitment Program of Global Youth Experts for young scholars (3), Cheung Kong Professors (2), Cheung Kong Lecture Professors (3), National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (5), National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars(5), MOE Trans-century Excellent Scholar Training Program and New-century Excellent Scholar Training Program (8), and New Centaury National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Program (1). Our faculty members are also recognized by various provincial programs, including Overseas High-Level Talents (3), Top Expert of Zhejiang Province (1),  New Century 151 Talents Projects (9), and Innovative Research Team by Ministry of Education (1).
Between 2009 and 2015, the college received 56 provincial or national awards including National Award for Natural Sciences, National Award for Technological Invention, and National Award for Science and Technology Advances. In the same timeframe, the college was awarded a total of 1700 research grants by various government agencies: National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Basic Research Program of China (Program 973), National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (Program 863), and Chinese military. The total research funding (2009-2015) reached 875 million RMB.
The college is the home for two journals: Journal of Chemical Engineering of Chinese University (indexed by EI) and Chemical Reaction Engineering and Technology (indexed by EI Page One). Our faculty published about 500 papers each year (around 250 indexed SCI and 220 indexed EI, respectively).
We are proud of our excellence in chemical engineering education. Since its birth 89 years ago, approximately 20,000 students graduated from the college. Our outstanding alumni include 17 members of Chinese Academy of Sciences/Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering and Royal Society of Canada, and 5 presidents of top Chinese research universities.
With our "Truth Seeking" spirit, we constantly aim to improve the quality of our scientific research, promote the commercialization of chemical technologies, and ultimately provide a solid talent and technology basis for the development of the national economy.