Established in 1941, Institute of Chemical Engineering offers a research platform for Ph. D. and Master’s degrees. The core specialty of the institute, chemical engineering, is ranked as a national key discipline.

After restructure in 2000, the institute currently has 25 faculty and staff members, including 7 professors and 12 associate professors. The institute is well known for its strong bond with many domestic enterprises. It undertakes many national research projects. Hundreds of papers have been published in referred journals, including AIChE J., IECR, etc.

The research field of the institute covers fine chemicals, mass transfer and separation engineering, energy and fuel, process information of chemical engineering, and chemical engineering thermodynamics. Particularly, the projects comprise new technology in fine chemicals, synthesis and application of organic nitrogen, sulfur or fluorine compounds, medical intermediates and crude drugs, synthesis and separation of enantiotopic chemicals, new technology and equipment of separation, extraction, separation and chemical modification of natural active constituents, phenomenon of interface transfer, physical chemistry hydrodynamics, intensification of heat transfer, energy-efficient drying technology, fuel cell, modeling, simulation and optimization of process system, information management system, decision supporting system and application of computer in chemical engineering, intelligent processing of chemical engineering information, test of production and automatic control, equation of state and its application, basic statistics in chemical engineering and their modeling.

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Associate Director :Cheng-xi Wang, Tel: +86-571-8795-1742, E-mail:


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