UNILAB Research Center for Chemical Reaction Engineering was jointly founded by Zhejiang University and SINOPEC in 1983. The center originated from Teaching and Research Laboratory of Chemical Reaction Engineering established in 1971. The center has 26 full-time faculty and staff members, including 10 professors and 11 associate professors, 54 Ph.D. students, 88 Master students and1 Post-doctoral fellows.

The top-level faculty of the center is leading research of its kind nationally in a broad range of research fields in chemical engineering, from fundamental scientific study of physical and chemical phenomena, technological investigations of processes and equipment, to development of techniques for planning, design and control of processes. The center keeps track of the industry application closely by maintaining collaboration with major Chinese chemical companies. Excellent works done in the areas of chemical reactors are highly recognized by SINOPEC and many other companies.

The center possesses a wide range of technical apparatus and computing equipment, such as several large-scale fixed beds for catalyst evaluation, a plant of supercritical flow for extraction and reaction, micro-reactor platform, integrated plant for reaction and separation, pilot scale spray equipment, thermo-gravimetric analyzer, high temperature fixed fluidized reactor, in-situ FTIR, liquid chromatography, olefin polymerization plant, CFD software, experimental platform of large scale and pressurized fluidized bed and other multiphase flow reactors. Three main research areas are multiphase flow chemical reaction engineering, catalyst engineering, and fine chemical engineering. Research projects concerning fundamental theory and application development have been carried out in many fields, such as scale-up of fluidized bed reactor, olefin polymerization engineering, measurement of multiphase flow, steam methane reforming, synthesis of metallocene catalyst and high-performance resin, catalyst design and reaction kinetics, in-situ infrared technology and catalytic mechanism, gas-liquid reaction and reactor technology, process intensification fine chemicals, process integration for minimization of energy, water and hydrogen, modern coal chemical industry, supercritical reaction and extraction technology, bioreaction engineering, micromixing and superfine material preparation, etc.

In recent years, the center has undertaken a number of major projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, provincial government, and large enterprises. Extensive academic exchange and research collaboration projects between the center and many famous petrochemical companies, research institutes, and universities domestically and overseas, have been conducted.


Director: Jing-dai WANG, Tel: +86-571-8795-1227, E-mail: wangjd@zju.edu.cn
Associate Director: Hong Yin, Tel: +86-571-8795-2620, E-mail: yinh@zju.edu.cn
Associate Director: Qing-hua Zhang, Tel: +86-571-8795-3382, E-mail: qhzhang@zju.edu.cn

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