With its origin as the plastics engineering major established in 1958, Institute of Polymer and Polymerization Engineering (IPPE) was restructured from Research Laboratory of Polymer Reaction Engineering in 1972. In 1990, Institute of Polymer Science and Engineering was established. It was renamed as Institute of Polymer and Polymerization Engineering in 2009. Over the past 50 years, about 1000 students have graduated from the institute and some of them have become CEOs and CTOs of top Chinese companies (e.g. CEO of Sinopec), presidents of several leading Chinese universities, and professors at renowned university in and outside China.

IPPE currently has 29 faculty and staff members, 15 of them are full professors including one National Thousand Talents Plan professor, one Cheung Kong Professor, three National Science Foundation Distinguished Young Scholars, one National Science Fundation for Excellent Young Scholars, one National Thousand Talents Plan junior professor and four New Century Excellent Talents. Our faculty also includes two visiting professors as High Level Oversea Experts and Overseas Distinguished Scholars. The institute is a platform for multi-faceted high education in polymer science and engineering, offering an undergraduate program in Chemical Engineering and Process, Master’s and Ph. D programs in Chemical Engineering and Technology. Currently, the total number of Master and Ph. D students is about 150. The institute hosts post-doctoral and visiting scholars on a regular basis and has established long term collaboration with renowned universities in USA, Germany, France, UK, Canada, and Japan.


IPPE offers a comprehensive list of equipments for polymer synthesis and characterization. In recent years, dozens of research projects sponsored by "973" projects, strategic NSFC grants, various ministries, and the provincial government have been conducted in the institute. Over 100 peer-reviewed papers are published and more than 20 patents are granted each year.


Director: Ying-wu LUO, Tel: +86-571-8795-1280, E-mail:yingwu.luo@zju.edu.cn
Associate Director: Yong-zhong BAO, Tel: +86-571-8795-1334, E-mail: yongzhongbao@zju.edu.cn
Associate Director: Peng-ju PAN, Tel: +86-571-8795-1334, E-mail: panpengju@zju.edu.cn
Associate Director: Cai-liang ZHANG, Tel: +86-571-8795-1307, E-mail: zhangcailiang@zju.edu.cn


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