Established upon Separation Engineering division of Department of Chemical Engineering in 1986, Institute of Bioengineering started to recruit undergraduates in 1987, and got permission to confer master degree in 1988 and Ph. D. degree in 1993. Biochemical Engineering became the Provincial Key Discipline in 2000, and the National Key Breeding Discipline in 2007. There are currently 24 faculty and staff members in the institute, including 12 professors and 9 associate professors. About 60 undergraduate students, 80 Master students, and 60 Ph. D. candidates are also engaged in the institution. Consistent collaboration is maintained on both teaching and research with top universities and institutes in America, Germany, England and Japan.


The institute puts much focus on linkage between research and application in the market. About 30 projects are financially supported by national or provincial government each year. In past 3 years, more than 400 referred papers have been published in many fields, including biochemical reaction engineering, bioseparation technology, biological pharmacy, bioresource engineering, gene engineering, metabolic engineering, fermentation engineering, bioprocess engineering, protein engineering, nano-biotechnology, and membrane technology. Within the past 10 years, the institute has carried out over 40 programs supported by NSFC including 1 National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and 8 strategy grants. Other major research projects include two "973" Projects, ten "973" Sub-projects, ten "863" Projects, and a batch of provincial funded or corporate sponsored projects.  The institute has received lots of awards for scientific and technological achievements. Over 100 patents have been issued, and more than 20 textbooks and monographs are published.


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