Established in 2000, the Institute of Pharmaceutical Engineering ( consists of the researchers dedicating in new medicine development and pharmaceutical technology among the faculties in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. The institute includes the research labs working on the research areas such as natural pharmaceuticals, synthetic pharmaceuticals, green pharmaceutical engineering, macroporous silica based supramolecular recognized materials, and advanced functional materials for pharmaceuticals. In the institute, there are 17 full-time faculty and staff members, including 8 professors, 7 associate professors, and 1 senior engineer (10 advisors of PhD candidate). The academic leaders are Prof. Qilong Ren and Prof. Xiuyang Lv.


The Institute offers PhD candidate in the PhD specialties of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Bio-chemical Engineering, Process Engineering and Product Engineering, offers master candidate in the primary discipline of Chemical Engineering and Technology, and accepts postdoctoral researcher and visiting scholar. The Institute is also responsible for the training and supervision for the undergraduate students in Pharmaceutical Engineering. An integrated three-step talent training system for undergraduate student, master candidate and PhD candidate has been established. Annually, the institute offers 8-12 PhD candidates and 20-25 master candidates, training the advanced specialized talents proficient in pharmacology and pharmaceutical engineering for our country. In recent 5 years, the institute provided the program of Student Research Training Plan (SRTP) to more than 90% undergraduate students in Pharmaceutical Engineering, and won 2 awards of the Challenge Cup of National Undergraduate Students.


With the supports from the Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Biomass Chemical Engineering and the National Specialized Laboratory of Chemical Engineering for Secondary Resources, the Institute owns powerful ability for scientific research, a considerable amount of research equipment, and sufficient research funding. In 2012 and 2013, the institute obtained more than 21 and 19 million RMB research funding, respectively. For scientific research, the emphasis is applying multidisciplinary technology to solve the problems in the fields of pharmaceutical Engineering and Pharmacology. The distinctive research areas include industrialized separation and purification technology of natural products, green pharmaceutical industry, continuous reaction technology, novel adsorption materials and technology, preparation of materials for targeted and functional medicines and so on. Annually, more than 100 academic papers are published (more than 50 papers indexed by SCI and EI), and 10 patents are authorized.


Director: Xiu-yang LU, Tel: +86-571-8795-2683 , E-mail:
Associate Director: Sheng-fu CHEN, Tel: +86-571- 8795-3013, E-mail:
Associate Director: Li-yan DAI, Tel: +86-571- 8795-2693, E-mail:
Associate Director: Hua-bin XING, Tel: +86-571-8795-2375, E-mail:


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