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Hangzhou One Day Tour

26 May

Morning pick up from the hotel then start the tour:

Take a cruise boat across the lake to see the 3 pagodas in the lake. The West Lake is the most famous tourist spot of Hangzhou. Graceful mountains surround it on three sides. It has a charming scenery and many cultural relics and historic sites. Next stop will be the Lingyin Temple and the Peak Flying from Afar. The temple was first built in 326AD during the Jin Dynasty about 1600 years ago.On the cliff of the Peak Flying from afar, there are over 340 fine Buddhist statues in grottos made from the Five Dynasties to the Song Dynasty and the Yuan Dynasty. They are masterpieces of grotto arts since the late Tang Dynasty. 


Then drive to the Six Harmonies Pagoda, highly erected next to Qiantang River. It is a perfect example of brick-and-wood structure built in ancient China and was built in 970 AD in the Northern Song Dynasty(960-1127) to press down the evil of the river tidal bore in Qiantang River. Finally pay a visit of Dragon Well Tea Plantation to learn the traditional Chinese tea culture and to taste the real dragon well tea there.


Evening, go to enjoy Impression West Lake Show. After the show you will be transferred back to your hotel.