Passports & Visas

All visitors to Mainland China must acquire visas in advance. Participants residing outside Mainland China are advised to provide Visa Information for yourself, as well as anyone who accompanies you at your earliest convenience. The Longest Stay shown in the official invitation letter will be 15 days, and the number of entries is only once. Please choose your date of first entry carefully.

Contact your nearest consulate for information how to apply for a visa. 

If you need an invitation to apply for a visa, please do the following things and mail to

1. Fill in the form for invitation letter.

2. Scan your first page of passport.

3. If the country you apply visa is not your mother country, you also need send us a copy of your residence permit of the country you apply visa.

If there are accompanying people, please do these for them too.

Getting to HIPF2017

The conference site will be at the Dahua Hotel. (Google Map or GPS setting: 30.248615, 120.159929). The address of the venue in Chinese and English can be downloaded by click here now.



  • Are availableat Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport terminal 24/7

  • About 180 RMB from Xiaoshan International Airport to Dahua Hotel


Airport Shuttle

  • Charged 20 RMB to the downtown of Hangzhou city, then transfer to your hotel



  • You also may choose Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong as a transfer station. 

  • Flights from Beijing or Hong Kong to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport are scheduled every day, which would take no more than 2 hours. 

  • High-speed trains from Shanghai to Hangzhou would take less than one hour, and the cost is about 117 RMB for a first class ticket and 73 RMB for a second class ticket. You should first take subway, taxi or bus to the Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station from the Shanghai Pudong International Airport. There are also shuttle buses from Pudong International Airport to Hangzhou.

Conference volunteers will help you at Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport on May 22, 2017.  They will use the logo of HIPF2017 on welcome boards to identify themselves.