HIPF'2011, Hangzhou, May 23-25,2011

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2011 Hangzhou Internatiaonal Polymer Forum (HIPF'2011), was held in Zhejiang University National Science Park from May 22nd, 2011 to May 25th, 2011. The goal was to promote international communication and cooperation between researchers from academia and industry, improve our level of research ability in polymer science and engineering, and enhance our international influence in polymer chemistry and chemical engineering. 145 representatives from 9 countries, including China, United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, and Switzerland, attended this conference. 

During the conference, researchers had discussion in different topics, such as controlled/living radical polymerization, new metal-organic catalyst and olefin polymer reaction engineering, macromolecular reaction engineering, and energy-related polymer materials. Prof. Walter Kaminsky from University of Hamburg and 7 more professionals gave the plenary lectures, 40 researchers gave keynote speeches and oral presentations. 

According to the votes, 5 out of 57 posters were selected as the excellent poster of the conference and were rewarded by the Wacher Chemical. 

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