HIPF'2014, Hangzhou, May 15-17,2014

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In order to promote the communication and cooperation between researchers from academia and industry, 2014 Hangzhou Internatiaonal Polymer Forum (HIPF'2014), was held in Zhejiang University during May 14th to 17th in 2014. 150 representatives from 17 countries and regions, including United States, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, China, and Hong Kong, attended the conference. Prof. Bogeng Li from Zhejiang University and Prof. Shiping Zhu from McMaster University were the conference chairs. Prof. K.  Matyjaszewski (Carnegie Mellon University), Prof. W. Kaminsky (University of Hamburg), Dr. T. Bott (BASF), Prof. C. N. Bowman (University of Colorado), Prof. J. M. Asua (University of the Basque Country), and Prof. Y. Luo (Zhejiang Univeristy) were the plenary speakers. There were 33 keynote speakers in different sections as well. According to the votes, 5 out of 90 posters were selected as the excellent poster of the conference and were rewarded by China Sinopec. 

HIPF is held every three years in Hangzhou and has been successfully held twice in 2007 and 2011. HIPF has been recognized as one of the three most important international conferences in polymer reaction engineering, together with the Polymer Reaction Engineering Conference in North America and the International Workshop on Polymer Reaction Engineering in Gremany . The theme this year is advanced polymers and polymerization techniques, combining the concepts of traditional polymer reaction engineering and the emerging polymer product engineering. The conference was sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China, Polymer Division of Chinese Chemical Society, China Sinopec, and German BASF.


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