Beijing-Hangzhou Canal, Hangzhou, China

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The capital Hang zhou Grand Canal, the abbreviation canal, and to stand side by side serve as the engineering the greatest in China ancient times to the Great Wall. 

Beijing is risen in north in capital Hang zhou Grand Canal, and south is to Hangzhou, and economizing through Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province, Shandong, Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang four, linking up the big river system of Haihe River, Huanghe River, Huaihe River, Changjiang River and Qiantang River five, length overall is 1794 kilometers. 

Begins five centuries spring and autumn last phase of chisel before the Christian era in the capital Hang zhou Grand Canal, and Wu Wangfu is less than opening ditch ( Han's ditch ) for felling the neat chisel river, can open the navigation or air flight to Qin Dynasty time Suzhou to Zhenjiang, more than is called the south of the River canal. Afterwards opening growing and widening through Sui Yang emperor, until arriving first 29 years ( 1292 ) years, haves a thorough knowledge of in the all fronts that grandfather accomplished Hang Yunhe in capital in first lifetime. 

Run through the main artery of north and south when becoming the unit and the Ming Dynasty and unmixed, and is taking the important effect in the communications and transportation. 

Only among them one small section is keeped opening the navigation or air flight in season reluctantly before 1949, and the Changjiang River and Huaihe River can smooth(ly) be sailed to more than 400 kilometers of river course kiloton barges of Jiangsu Province north section at present. The ancient canal Wuxi that our country newly opened up caused the very big interest of abroad tour person to Yangzhou and Wuxi to the tour circuit of Hangzhou in April 1981. 

The irrgation works that the capital Hang zhou Grand Canal is the greatest in China ancient times, the canal that also is the longest on the world.