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Solubilities of 4,4/'-Dichlorodiphenyl Disulfide in Six Organic Solvents between (303.15 and 333.15) K 2013-08-27
Pervaporation Behavior of PVA Membrane Containing b-Cyclodextrin for Separating Xylene Isomeric mixtures 2013-08-23
Improving the antifouling property of polysulfone ultrafiltration membrane by incorporation of isocyanate-treated graphene oxide 2013-08-23
Improving docosahexaenoic acid productivity of Schizochytrium sp.by a two-stage AEMR/shake mixed culture mode 2013-08-23
One-step purification of lactoferrin from crude sweet whey using cation-exchange expanded bed adsorption 2013-08-23
口服结肠靶向给药系统和制备方法的研究进展 2013-08-23
无机盐对海洋内生拟盘多毛孢菌J63产漆酶和漆酶脱色偶氮类染料的影响 2013-08-23
Novel NaCS–CS–PPS microcapsules as a potential enzyme-triggered release carrier for highly-loading 5-ASA 2013-08-23
New hydrophobic charge-induction resin with 2-mercaptoimidazole as the ligand and its separation characteristics for porcine IgG 2013-08-23
Preparation and characterization of supermacroporous polyacrylamide cryogel beads for biotechnological application 2013-08-23
Enhancement of Laccase Activity by Marine-derived Deuteromycete Pestalotiopsis sp. J63 with Agricultural Residues and Inducers 2013-08-23
Optimization of construction two-species whole-cell immobilization system with marine-derived fungi and its biological degradation capacity 2013-08-23
Facile Synthesis of Polyester Dendrimers as Drug Delivery Carriers 2013-08-23
Synthesis of degradable bifunctional dendritic polymers as versatile drug carriers 2013-08-23
Macromolecular MRI contrast agents: Structures, properties and applications 2013-08-23
Targeted biodegradable dendritic MRI contrast agent for enhanced tumor imaging 2013-08-23
Solubilities of 4-amino-4///'-nitrodiphenyl Sulfide in Six Organic Solvents from (287.45 K to 365.55 K) 2013-08-23
Investigation on the Acylation of Heterocyclic Alcoholate Anions with O,O-Dialkyl Phosphorochloridothioate in Water Solvent 2013-08-23
Kinetics and Mechanism of Hydrothermal Decomposition of Lignin Model Compounds 2013-08-23
Hypercrosslinked poly(styrene-co-divinylbenzene) resin as a specific polymeric adsorbent for purification of berberine hydrochloride from aqueous solutions 2013-08-23
Adsorption of berberine hydrochloride, ligustrazine hydrochloride, colchicine and matrine alkaloids on macroporous resins 2013-08-23
Heat transfer characteristics of alumina membrane coated activated carbon with core-shell structure 2013-08-23
High expression of a neutral endo-β-glucanase gene from Humicola insolens in Trichoderma reesei 2013-08-23
Enhancing production of a 24-membered ring macrolide compound by a marine bacterium using response surface methodology 2013-08-23
Clostridium thermocellum 与Clostridium beijerinckii 偶联发酵玉米棒芯产丁醇 2013-08-23
The main byproducts and metabolic flux profiling of gamma-PGA-producing strain B. subtilis ZJU-7 under different pH values 2013-08-23
Enhanced Production of L-Tryptophan with Glucose Feeding and Surfactant Addition and Related Metabolic Flux Redistribution in the Recombinant Escherichia coli 2013-08-23
Feasibility of Ionic Liquids as Extractants for Selective Separation of Vitamin D-3 and Tachysterol(3) by Solvent Extraction 2013-08-23
The Essential Role of Hydrogen-Bonding Interaction in the Extractive Separation of Phenolic Compounds by Ionic Liquid 2013-08-23
热等离子体重整二氧化碳和甲烷制合成气的研究进展 2013-08-23
Synthesis, Characterization and Structure Effects of Polyethylene Glycol Bis(2-isopropoxyethyl) Dimethyl Diphosphates on Lanthanides Extraction with Supercritical Carbon Dioxide 2013-08-23
The effect of molecular solvents on the viscosity, conductivity and ionicity of mixtures containing chloride anion-based ionic liquid 2013-08-23
Electrostatic precipitation of airborne bio-aerosols 2013-08-23
Non-thermal plasma generation by using back corona discharge on catalyst 2013-08-23
LCR触发多级多通道火花开关的设计及其性能分析 2013-08-23
电除尘器中离子风的实验研究 2013-08-23
等离子辅助Fenton洗消甲基膦酸二甲酯水溶液 2013-08-23
Comparison of styrene removal in air by positive and negative DC corona discharges 2013-08-23
Fresh water disinfection by pulsed low electric field 2013-08-23
Plasma induced toluene decomposition on alumina-supported Mn-based composite oxides catalysts 2013-08-23
Water disinfection by pulsed atmospheric air plasma along water surface 2013-08-23
Evaluation of o-xylene and other volatile organic compounds removal using a xylene-acclimated biotrickling filter 2013-08-23
Sulfite oxidation in seawater flue gas desulfurization by plate falling film corona-streamer discharge 2013-08-23
Kinetics of the Iron(II)- and Manganese(II)-Catalyzed Oxidation of S(IV) in Seawater with Acetic Buffer: A Study of Seawater Desulfurization Process 2013-08-23
烟气脱硝催化剂中载体TiO2对催化性能的影响 2013-08-23
Concentration of lignocellulosic hydrolyzates by solar membrane distillation 2013-08-23
Capturing carbon dioxide from air using a fixed carrier facilitated transport membrane 2013-08-23
羧甲基纤维素钠作用下CaCO3微球的制备及表征 2013-08-23
三种典型扩张床吸附介质的比较分析与评价 2013-08-23
pH和盐浓度影响磺酸基团吸附乳铁蛋白的机理 2013-08-23
Facile synthesis and in vivo evaluation of biodegradable dendritic MRI contrast agents 2013-08-23
Novel SN38 conjugate-forming nanoparticles as anticancer prodrug:In vitro and in vivo studies 2013-08-23
Self-assembling doxorubicin prodrug forming nanoparticles for cancer chemotherapy: synthesis and anticancer study in vitro and in vivo 2013-08-23
Investigation on the One-Step Preparation of 2-Substituted Benzo[b]thiophenes 2013-08-23
非电解质水溶液黏度的关联 2013-08-23
野菊花总黄酮的提取及萃取精制研究 2013-08-23
Hydrothermal Decomposition of Glucose and Fructose with Inorganic and Organic Potassium salts 2013-08-23
One-pot preparation of methyl levulinate from catalytic alcoholysis of cellulose in near-critical methanol 2013-08-23
Solubility and Induction Period Study of Asiaticoside and Madecassoside in a Methanol + Water Mixture 2013-08-23
A Study on the Stability of a NiO-CaO/Al2O3 Complex Catalyst by La2O3 Modification for Hydrogen Production 2013-08-23
Sm-like protein enhanced tolerance of recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae to inhibitors in hemicellulosic hydrolysate 2013-08-23
Efficient production of L-lactic acid from hydrolysate of Jerusalem artichoke with immobilized cells of Lactococcus lactis in fibrous bed bioreactors 2013-08-23
Differential Solubility of Ethylene and Acetylene in Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids: A Theoretical Study 2013-08-23
High performance separation of sparingly aqua-/lipo-soluble bioactive compounds with an ionic liquid-based biphasic system 2013-08-23
Separation of Soybean Isoflavone Aglycone Homologues by Ionic Liquid-Based Extraction 2013-08-23
Selective Liquid-Liquid Extraction of Natural Phenolic Compounds Using Amino Acid Ionic Liquids: A Case of alpha-Tocopherol and Methyl Linoleate Separation 2013-08-23
离子液体表辕界面性质与结构 2013-08-23
Selective Extraction of 1-Hexene Against n-Hexane in Ionic Liquids with or without Silver Salt 2013-08-23
Solubilities of the Triethylene Glycol and Tripropylene Glycol Derivatives Terminated with Phosphoryl Groups in Supercritical CO2 2013-08-23
Solubility of Vitamin D-3 in Six Organic Solvents at Temperatures from (248.2 to 273.2) K 2013-08-23
Accurate Measurements of Infinite Dilution Activity Coefficients Using Gas Chromatography with Static-Wall-Coated Open-Tubular Columns 2013-08-23
Ionic liquid bmimCl/formamide mixture as the polar phase of nonaqueous microemulsions 2013-08-23
西酞普兰对映体的手性色谱拆分及吸附平衡 2013-08-23
1,3-二元脂肪醇萃取硼酸的平衡特性 2013-08-23
Differential solubility of ethylene and acetylene in room temperature ionic liquids by computational analysis 2013-08-23
Effect of the Ionic Liquid 1-Butyl-3-Methylimidazolium Tetrafluoroborate on the Properties of Water + Triton X-100+Hexanol plus Cyclohexane Microemulsions 2013-08-23
Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study on the Absorption of Ethylene and Acetylene in Ionic Liquids 2013-08-23
自同步多开关纳秒脉冲发生器 2013-08-23
Effects of high-voltage power sources on fine particle collection efficiency with an industrial electrostatic precipitator 2013-08-23
等离子体震源及在海洋勘探中的应用 2013-08-23
高压脉冲作用下岩石击穿特性实验研究 2013-08-23
Enhanced Reduction of Fe(II)EDTA-NO/Fe(III)EDTA in NOx Scrubber Solution Using a Three-dimensional Biofilm-electrode Reactor 2013-08-23
A novel dielectric barrier discharge reactor with photocatalytic electrode based on sintered metal fibers for abatement of xylene 2013-08-23
反应增容制备聚乙烯/胶原蛋白复合材料 2013-08-23
水解酶的非专一性催化在有机合成中的应用 2013-08-23
微波辅助苯乙基苯醚催化降解反应动力学 2013-08-23
没食子酸在含盐酸高温液态水中的稳定性 2013-08-23
食品中常见有机物还原Cr(Ⅵ)反应动力学 2013-08-23
Hydrolysis Kinetics of 2-Pyridinecarboxamide, 3-Pyridinecarboxamide and 4-Pyridinecarboxamide in High-Temperature Water 2013-08-23
Adsorption of myricetrin, puerarin, naringin, rutin, neohesperidin dihydrochalcone flavonoids on macroporous resins 2013-08-23
Fabrication of AC@ZSM-5 core-shell particles and their performance in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis 2013-08-23
5-氨基乙酰丙酸对小球藻生长及油脂积累影响的研究 2013-08-23
Metabolic engineering strategies for improving xylitol production 2013-08-23
A novel approach for g-PGA production using xylose and corncob fibers hydrolysate by Bacillus subtillis HB-1 2013-08-23
Determination and Correlation of Solubility of Nonivamide in Different Solvents 2013-08-23
Progress in bioactive natural product separation 2013-08-23
气相色谱-质谱联用法分析全氟酰氟 2013-08-23
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