ZJU-UNMC Chemical Engineering Workshop 2020


January 18, a delegation composed of 4 PhD students and 27 undergraduate students from the College of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Zhejiang University (ZJU CBE) went to the University of Nottingham Malaysian Campus (UNMC) for a week of short term exchange.

UNMC is the first International Campus of British university in the world. It is a world - class university campus with comprehensive equipment and academic. UNMC is located in Semenyih, the southern suburb of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. It covers an area of 125 acres and is about 30 kilometers away from the downtown of Kuala Lumpur. The transportation is very convenient. The climate belongs to tropical rainforest climate.

19th Jan, Dr. Pau loke SHOW associate professor of the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering (DCE) , warmly received the exchange group and held a grand welcome ceremony for the visiting students of ZJU CBE. First of all, he introduced the detailed course arrangement and precautions of this exchange. Later, he distributed exquisite learning materials and intimate daily necessities to the students of Zhejiang University. In the process of material distribution, ZJU CBE students and UNMC DCE student helpers have established a good relationship through brief communication and interaction. The exchange group visited the campus of UNMC to be familiar with the future study environment. The campus fully embodies the inclusiveness and freedom, and the open architectural style is an excellent test of this. During the visit, some international students actively participated in the commentary. At this moment, language is no longer a barrier, but as a tool of communication, forming a bridge between the two schools’ students.

22th Jan,Zhejiang University and University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus jointly launched  ZJU-UNMC Chemical Engineering Workshop 2020. The workshop was hosted by Dr.Kit Wayne Chew. 12 PhD students and 1 postdoctoral student attended the conference successively made academic presentations on their scientific research topics. The exchange content of the seminar covers the fields related to chemical engineering such as microalgae biomass culture, liquid three-phase flotation system, hydrophobic materials and air pollution.

In the seminar, all of the reports were wonderful, and the academic research was forward-looking and innovative. The content of the report was lively and interesting, which stimulated the scientific research interest of the undergraduates under the stage. This report is not only a good opportunity for PhD students and undergraduate students to expand their academic horizons, but also an excellent platform for deepening academic exploration.

In the exchange and collision of many different cultures, the sparks of inspiration are constantly flashing, and innovative thinking is deeply blended. As the developing country, Malaysia has many similarities with China in terms of people to people feelings and ways of communication.

This oversea exchange brings not only cultural exchange and collision, but also international challenges and opportunities. With the continuous internationalization of academic research, more and more high-end scientific research is carried out in the way of international cooperation. This exchange has opened the door of scientific research cooperation, and also demonstrated the feasibility and superiority of transnational employment to all people. When seeking truth and innovation joint with international standards, endless possibilities arise from it.