Huabin Xing 

A graduate of Tsinghua University (Ph.D., Chemical Engineering), Dr. Xing Qiushi is a Distinguished Professor at ZJU, Dean and Vice-Secretary of the CPC Committee and a doctoral supervisor in ZJU CBE. His research interests include advanced materials for separations, functionalized metal-organic frameworks for gas separations, and ionic liquids and polyionic liquids for separations and energy storage.

Dr. Xing’s awards include Distinguished Young Scholars of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Influential researchers of the ACS IECR and 100 Most Influential International Academic Articles of China. He is the current editor of Engineering Topic, Chemical Industry and Engineering Progress , The Chinese Journal of Process Engineering, the Vice Chairman of Engineering Ethics Committee at CIESC, and a member of the Ionic Liquid Professional Committee at CIESC, Process Strengthening Professional Committee at CIESC, and Supercritical Fluid Professional Committee at CIESC.


Lin Zhang

A graduate of Zhejiang University (Ph.D., Chemical Engineering), Dr. Zhang serves as the Vice-Dean and a Doctoral Supervisor in the CBE at ZJU. His research in chemical engineering and technology has led to multiple awards including a Science and Technology Progress Award (first prize) from the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China (CIESC), and he holds honorary titles of Outstanding Contribution Award to Youth Science and Technology of the China Petrochemical Federation, and Outstanding Contributing Expert of Young and Middle-aged Membrane Technology.

Dr. Zhang is the current editor of Environmental Technology, Recent Innovations in Chemical Engineering and other prestigious chemical and engineering journals, serves in various roles for Zhejiang Province including Executive Director of the Chemical Industry Association, Deputy Secretary of Membrane Society and Deputy Secretary of Membrane Industry Association.



 Pengju Pan

A graduate of the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Ph.D., Biomolecular Engineering), Dr. Pan is a professor and serves as the Vice-Dean for CBE at ZJU.  His research focus is condensed matter structure, polymer properties, and biobased and biodegradable polymers.

His awards include the NSFC Excellent Young Scholar Fellowship and Outstanding Young Scholar Fellowship (Zhejiang Province) and the Houdebang Science and Technology Award for Young Talent in Chemical Engineering. Dr. Pan serves as a member of editorial advisory board and guest editor for Polymer Crystallization.


Wenhua Shen

Mr. Shen holds a bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering, and a master’s degree in Management Engineering both from Zhejiang University. He serves as the Secretary of the CPC Committee and Vice-Dean at CBE ZJU. Born in October 1964 and joined the CPC in May 1985.

Mr. Shen joined the CPC in May 1985 making him long-serving member of the Ideological and Political Education for Students and Administrative Management for the Higher Education Institute. He has successively served as Deputy Director for the Student Affairs Department for the General Administration Office, and as the Director of the Publicity Department at ZJU. In 2013, Mr. Shen was named as the Secretary of the CPC Committee and the ZJU Vice-Dean at the School of Public. In July 2017, Mr. Shen was assigned as Secretary of CPC Committee and Vice-Dean at CBE ZJU.


 Lyuming Shen


A graduate of ZJU (M.S., Chemical Engineering), Mr. Shen serves as the Vice-Secretary of the CPC Committee and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission of CPC for CBE at ZJU. Born in December 1979 and joined the CPC in May 2000.

Mr. Shen joined the CPC in May 2000 and is a long-serving member of Ideological and Political Education for Students. He served successively as secretary of the ZJU Youth League Committee of Chu Kochen Honors College, Director of the ZJU Student Affairs Office, Director of the ZJU Funding Office and Director of the Comprehensive Office of the ZJU University Celebration Office.  Currently, Mr. Shen serves as the Vice-Secretary of the CPC Committee and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission of CPC for CBE ZJU.