Chemical engineering requires a foundational knowledge in chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics. From this foundation, chemical engineers develop core expertise in thermodynamics, transport processes, and chemical kinetics. Combined with a range of complementary elective courses, this describes the essential academic structure behind our two undergraduate degree programs, Chemical Engineering and Technology and Bioengineering, described below.


Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering and Technology

This is an integrated program drawing from various disciplines including mathematics, physics, chemistry, and engineering. Its aim is to provide training in the design of green production technology and clean processes, combined with a comprehensive education in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer modeling. The program covers green chemistry, ecology, biology, and material science. Students can pursue their graduate studies in chemical engineering, chemistry, process control, materials, biology, environmental science, and business. They can also participate in research, development, design, and management at universities, research institutes, and industries such as light chemistry, food, pharmaceuticals, materials, energy production, and environmental protection.


Bachelor of Engineering in Bioengineering

This program is multi-disciplinary combining biology and engineering. Its aim is to produce students with a strong background in biological systems who are also proficient in the design and management of biological engineering process and development of new technologies. Students can pursue graduate study or study abroad in biotechnology, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, pharmacy and food science. They can also choose to engage in teaching, research, technological development, analysis, and management at various institutions, such as universities, research institutes, government agencies, biotechnology companies (biopharmaceuticals, bioenergy, and bioresource), food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and security firms.