With the official opening of our new building on the west Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University just around the corner, a new chapter in the College's history is about to begin.

It will be difficult to leave the Yuquan Campus's beauty and rich history. Still, there is no doubt that the past legends will remain an intricate part of the new program and help motivate an even greater future. 

New Chemical Building

The new Chemical building is a marvel. It includes a history museum, ample public space, well-equipped lecture halls, conference rooms, advanced laboratories, and office space for faculty, staff, and students. The building design facilitates learning and promotes research. It conveys the history and importance of the chemical industry in China and the College to students, faculty, alumni, and visitors. 

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One reason for the great success of our College is the tremendous support of our alumni. The College is committed to building a sense of belonging to the new setting by organizing alumni brand activities, building contact platforms, and developing high-quality alumni services. Alumni backing is needed now more than ever. 

The College has proposed a pledge plan for the construction of the new building. Our hope 

is that the College and the alumni will work together to support these efforts and 

contribute to the development of our College and the future of Chemical 

Engineering at Zhejiang University.