ZJU CBE's Highlights in 2020


ZJU CBE's Highlights in 2020

2020 is a remarkable year. Facing to the epidemic, the faculties and staffs of College of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Zhejiang University (ZJU CBE) united as a wall and made steady progress. Various undertakings developed rapidly an reached a higher standard. Now let’s see what ZJU CBE achieved last year.

Construction of Faculties & Staffs

Prof. Qilong REN was elected as the Vice-Chairman of Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China. He also serves as an expert of Basel Convention Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific.

Prof. Huabin XING (Head of the college) won the SCEJ Award for Outstanding Asian Researcher and Engineer and the 12nd Hou Debang Innovation Award.

Prof. Yongrong YANG won China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Award for Federation the First Prize of Science and Technology Progress.

Prof. Xingwang ZHANG, Prof. LechengLEI etc. won the CIESC Award for Second Prize of Basic Research Achievement.

Prof. LiWANG won the 12nd Hou Debang Innovation Award and Xu Yuanzhi Award Funds of EPR Development for Contribution Award. He was also elected as a member of polyurethane products standardization working group of National Plastic Products Standardization Technical Committee.

ZJU 100 Young Prof. YangHOU won the 12nd  Hou Debang Outstanding Young Scholars together with Associate Prof. Zuwei LIAO. Prof. YangHOU was also elected as the fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry(FRSC) and the Highly Cited Researchers of Clarivate.

ZJU 100 Young Prof. YingyingLU and Associate Prof. JieFU won the National Science Foundation for Outstanding Young Scholar of China. Prof. Yingying LU was also elected as a National Young and Middle Aged Scholars.

ZJU 100 Young Prof. Zehua BAO, Qi SUN, Siyu YAO and Junjie ZHAO were elected as the National Young Scholars.

Prof. TaoXIE was elected as the fellow of American Chemistry Society, Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering(PMSE Fellow).

Prof. Nigel K.H Slater (Qiushi Chair Professor, Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering, UK), former Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge and former Head of Chemical Engineering Department at University of Cambridge, joined the College in 2020.

Nigel K.H.Slater

The faculty members who have joined CBE in 2020 are Dr. Yiming MO(Electrosynthesis and Digital Chemical Engineering, Ph.D. MIT), Dr. XuanYANG (Biomass Materials, Ph.D. KTH), Dr. Haoran YU (Protein Engineering, Ph.D. UCL), Dr. Wei WANG (Biomaterials, Ph.D. Zhejiang University,Professor of Tianjin University), Dr. Kejun WU (Process Intensification, Ph.D. Zhejiang University, Assistant Professor of University of Leeds), Dr. Qinming WU (Catalysis, Ph.D. Zhejiang University), Dr. ZehuaBAO (Synthetic Biology, Ph.D. UIUC), and Dr.Yao Yang (Multi-phase Reactor and Process Intensification, Ph.D. Zhejiang University).

Prof. Qilong REN 's team won the 9th Five Good Guidance Team of Zhejiang University.

Prof. Yongrong YANG named the advanced teacher of Three Educations in Zhejiang Province and the 10th Three Educations Model of Zhejiang University

Construction of Programs & Subjects

Undergraduate Program in Chemical Engineering and Technology was selected into the first batch of national first-class construction sites of undergraduate programs.

College of Chemical and Biological Engineering has been approved as the authorized point of doctor's degree in Biology and Medicine as the leading unit.

Relying on Quzhou Research Intitule of Zhejiang University, it has been approved to start Master Degree of Engineering in Advanced Manufacturing Chemical Materials program to train excellent masters from September 2020

Curriculum Construction & Reform

Virtual Simulation Experiment of Packed Tower Absorption Process (Prof. Fengqiu CHEN, Prof. Xiangqun YE) and 3D Virtual Simulation Experiment of Aniline Production Process (Prof. Lin ZHANG) have been recognized as the 2020 virtual simulation experiment teaching project of Zhejiang University.

Cultivation of Innovation Consciousness in the Teaching and Experiment Process of Chemical Technology (Prof. Guorong SHAN)" and Teaching Reform of Chemical Process Safety Courses Based on The Cultivation of Engineering Thinking Ability (ZJU 100 Young Prof. Yang HOU) won the second batch of teaching reform research projects in the 13th five year plan of higher education of Zhejiang University.

Chemical Technology was selected as the first-class offline undergraduate course in Zhejiang Province. Principles of Chemical Engineering and Biochemical Reaction Engineering were selected as the first-class offline undergraduate course in Zhejiang University. Computer Aided Biological Process Design and Polymer Chemistry (b) MOOCs were launched online.

Development of Education

ZJU 100 Young Prof. Junjie ZHAO won the second prize of the young teachers' teaching competition of Zhejiang University. Prof. Zuwei LIAO won the third prize of the young teachers' teaching competition of Zhejiang University. ZJU CBE won the excellent organization award of the young teachers' teaching skills competition.

Development of Students

Undergraduate Ziwei CHEN became the only volunteer in Zhejiang University to volunteer in the mountainous area, the island and the remote area in 2020. Undergraduate Zhuoga BAIMA was the advanced individual of the Zhejiang University to fight against COVID-19 in 2020.

Graduate TingtingWANG won the Zhu Kezhen Scholarship, the top scholarship for students at Zhejiang University.

Doctoral WeidongZHANG won the ZJU Award for Top 10 Students, the top award for students at Zhejiang University.

Doctoral Quan ZHOU wasawarded the 2019 Zhejiang Excellent Doctoral Dissertations.

The undergraduate team supervised by Prof. Binbo JIANG etc. won the top prize in the 14th National Chemical Engineering Design Competition of China.

Undergraduate student WeihaoWang participated in the ZJU-China team and ANUT-ZJU-China team clinched double golds at 2020 iGEM Competition.

Graduate QiyuYE etc. won the silver at the 6th Zhejiang College Students "Internet +" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

ZJU CBE’s basketball team won the second place in the Three Good Cup Basketball Competition of Zhejiang University in 2020.

Xinjia Zhang became a national university student of Go To The Grass Roots While Young 2020 and the youth grass roots observer of Thousand Items Thousand Universities.

ZJU CBE’s Scholarship

SUPOR Ziqiang ZHU million scholarship and other 4 new scholarships have been established.

Research Achievement & Projects

The total research fund in 2020 is over 200 million yuan.

Prof. Yongrong YANG's project of New Technology of Green and Efficient Recovery of Polyolefin Exhaust Gas by Residual Pressure Expansion Cryogenic Method won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation.

The project Effect and Mechanism of Nanoparticles / Zwitterions Synergistic Enhancement of Water Treatment Membrane Flux and Antifouling Performance led by Prof. Lin ZHANG won the second prize of Natural Science Award for excellent scientific research achievements of colleges and universities.

Prof. Zhirong CHEN, as the second person to complete the project of Creation and Application of Nitrogen Doped Carbon Supported Hydrogenation Catalyst, won the special prize of science and technology progress of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation.

There are 3 new national key R & D projects and national fund key projects and topics, 4 new ten million level horizontal projects, and nearly 25 patent transformation projects, involving more than 50 patents, with the amount of patent transformation reaching 9.8 million yuan, a record high. Among them, Prof. Youqing SHEN has a patent contract worth 70 million yuan.

Academic Papers

In 2020, one paper was published in Science and 13 papers were published insub-magazines of Nature / Science; 91 invention patents were authorized, including 4 international patents (incomplete statistics).

Scientific Research Base

Prof. Li WANG is responsible one for One Belt One Road Joint Laboratory of Zhejiang Russia Magnetic and Optical Functional Materials Joint Laboratory, Zhejiang.

Zhejiang Russia Joint Laboratory of Optoelectronic and Magnetic Functional Materials in the charge of Prof. Li WANG is recognized as provincial joint laboratory of The Belt and Road.

ZJU CBE's two Zhejiang engineering research centers, Industrial New Water Source Technology and Industrial Organic Solid Waste Gasification and High Temperature Melting High Value Utilization, have been approved. ZJU CBE will be as the unique construction unit.

The construction of Quzhou Branch and Quzhou Research Institute of Polytechnic Institute, Zhejiang University started in an orderly manner; Quzhou Research Institute of Zhejiang University was selected as the new R & D institution of Zhejiang Province in 2020; the joint training base of research, production and teaching integration of engineering professional degree of Engineering College of Zhejiang University was signed and awarded. The construction of new campus and pilot scale training base started, and the analysis and test center was officially established.

Qiushi Building of Quzhou Research Institute

The transformation project of the synthesis and molecular intelligent manufacturing platform Laboratory of Hangzhou International Science and Technology Innovation Center of Zhejiang University has been basically completed. The iBioFoundry automation scientific device has been successfully tendered, and seven outstanding young talents graduated from MIT, UIUC and other top universities have been introduced. The construction plan of chemical engineering and biological engineering branch of Ningbo campus of Zhejiang University has been approved, which will focus on Green Petrochemical, new chemical materials and biomedicine. Relying on "Zhejiang University Hengyi Global Institute of advanced technology for the future", the medium and long-term strategic cooperation between the college and Hengyi group has been steadily promoted, and the scientific research and platform construction has made positive progress.

Fighting Two Battles

ZJU CBE Joined in fighting the two battles of epidemic prevention and control and return to work and school, do a good job in daily health dynamic monitoring and scheduling of more than 1300 students, establish a special working group, form a multi-level linkage working mechanism of "counselor-part-time counselor-league branch / class-student", and strictly do a good job in daily health punch management of students.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, more than 20 students took part in the volunteer service of epidemic prevention and control in their hometown for the first time, fully demonstrating the responsibility of chemical engineering students of Zhejiang University.

We did a good job in the care of students in key areas, fine management of students returning to school, and warning work for overseas students protection. We carried out theme activities such as theme group day, home war epidemic life exhibition and reading and fighting epidemic together, encourage and guide students to research in the cloud and exercise at home and help teachers and students to keep watch and fight the epidemic situation.

Since April this year, the college has issued more than 100000 masks, checked out more than 6000 teachers and students, approved more than 400 graduate students to return to school and insisted on reporting the epidemic every day.

ZJU CBE’s Targets


The main running indicators and overall strength will be stable among the world's top class. The ranks of disciplines and some indicators will reach the top level in the world.

To cultivate top-notch innovative talents and serve innovation driven development.

Strategic and innovative internal governance model will achieve remarkable results.

To become a higher quality, more outstanding, more respected first-class college with dream.

To become an important guide for China to rise into a world-class chemical power

guiding force and supporting force.


The overall academic level will be leading in the world.

To gather a group of academic masters and top talents with world influence.

The mode of education and innovation will be in the forefront of chemical engineering departments in China and has an important international influence.

The school level and global reputation will be widely recognized.

To become an important leading force to promote the reform of new engineering education and the rise of new chemical industry.

To build a multi-level subjects ecosystem

Focusing on the frontier of Chemical Engineering, ZJU CBE will mask the world's top universities in Chemical Engineering subject as goal, take root in China, consolidate and refine existing subject advances and vigorously Develop new Chemical Engineering.

4 Advantaged Disciplines:Chemical Separate Engineering, Chemical Engineering of Polymer, Chemical Reaction Engineering and Biochemical Engineering.

3 Key Disciplines: Energy and Chemical Engineering, Ecological Chemical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering.

X Emerging Disciplines: Chemical Engineering + AI, Synthetic Biology, Electrochemical Energy Storage Engineering, Biomass Chemical Engineering, Electronic Information Chemical Products.