Summer Lab 2019


June 6, 2019, 16 international students from University of Wisconsin-Madison (UWM) and Colorado State University (CSU) has successfully completed the courses of ZJU Summer Lab 2019, this special programme has been opened by ZJU CBE for 7 consecutive times since 2013.

June 10, 2019 ,Prof. Gao Xiang, the project leader, conducted a mobilization and course content arrangement and explanation for all overseas students at the welcome ceremony, so as to better integrate them into Zhejiang University in terms of life and learning. After five weeks of study and experiment, all the applicants passed the final oral defense on July 12.


First Row: Prof. Mingqiao Zhu (ZJU), Prof. Xiangqun Ye (ZJU), Zoborowski Katherine (UWM), Shepherd Cassidy Noell (UWM), Mengdi Li (UWM),  Marley Goetz (CSU),Emilie Wille (UWM), Rujia Qu (UWM)

Second Row:  Prof. Xiang Gao (ZJU), Edrees Al-Abdali (CSU), Sang Il Kwon (UWM), Zhiwen Zhang (UWM), Matthew Massman (UWM), Brent Buchinger (UWM),  Andrew Farkas Benjamin (CSU)

Third Row:  Prof. Fernando Tiscareño-Lechuga (UWM), Mr. Liguang Qian (ZJU), Dr. Min Li (ZJU), Tianyi Jin (UWM),  Brian Ambrose Mariska (UWM),  Ryan Wirtanen (UWM),  Trent Hanson (CSU)

UWM: University of Wisconsin-Madison

CSU: Colorado State University

ZJU: Zhejiang University