Weidong Zhang won the ZJU Award for Top 10 Students


March 29, 2021

Weidong Zhang won the ZJU Award for Top 10 Students

As a 2020 doctoral student of College of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Weidong Zhang won the award of Top Ten Students of Zhejiang University.

In order to unremittingly foster the fine style of ZJU spirit and select outstanding students. Zhejiang University announced the eleventh Top Ten Students.

December 29, 2020, the list of the 11th Top Ten Students was officially announced, Weidong Zhang, a 2020 doctoral student of College of Chemical and Biological Engineering, was awarded this honor.

Weidong Zhang is a doctoral student of the Pharmaceutical Institute in 2020. A total of 17 SCI papers were published during the period of his graduate study, among which 11 were published by the first author in high-level international journals such as Science Advances, Advanced Materials, Angelw. Chem. Int. ed.

He is a excellent student with outstanding achievements and lofty aspirations.Weidong Zhang has won National Scholarship twice, Tang Lixin Scholarship, Three-Good Graduate Students, Excellent Graduate Students, Ten New Academic Achievements of Zhejiang University Students in Qizhen Cup, and Star of Seeking Truth of Zhejiang University Graduate Students 2018. He has made oral reports at the Chemical Summit Forum and the National Energy Storage Engineering Conference for many times, and was invited to participate in the 2021 World Young Scientists Summit. In the future, he will go to the research group of Prof. Lynden A. Archer who is a member of American Academy of Engineering for joint training.

He is also an engineer who studies for practical use and pursues perfection.

Under the guidance of  ZJU 100 Young Professor Yingying Lu, Weidong Zhang’s supervisor, he adjusted the ion conduction mechanism at the electrode interface from the source of the battery fire. For the first time, he realized micron scale bulk lithium deposition, and increased the cycle life of the cell by 12 times, reaching the international leading level. In addition, Weidong Zhang, as the first student contributor, deeply participated in the National Natural Science Foundation Project, national key R & D plan and joint R & D of SAIC and other enterprises in the research of all-round functional innovation of battery system, realizing Ah level battery products from laboratory to industrialization.

He is also a talented young man with a wide range of interests in literature and art.

Weidong Zhang once served as the student head of Wenqin National Orchestra of Zhejiang University. During his graduate period, he won the first prize of instrumental music in 2017, 2018 and 2020 Zhejiang University Students' Art Festival on behalf of Zhejiang University. He also won the first prize of the Fourth National University Students' art performance sponsored by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China on behalf of Zhejiang University. At the invitation of the National Grand Theater, he led the orchestra to perform in the theater.

He said, “I want to make a small lithium battery to the extreme in the future."

To aim high and pursue the ultimate is the ideal that every chemical engineer should pursue. Seeking truth, innovation and cherishing the world is the mission that everyone of Zhejiang University should bear in mind.