Xuedong Chen was elected as a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering


December 7, 2015

Xuedong Chen was elected as a member of  Chinese Academy of Engineering

Xuedong Chen was born in Fujian in August 1964. He obtained bachelor, master's and doctoral degrees all in Chemical Engineering Department of Zhejiang University in 1986, 1996 and 2004.

On December 7, Xuedong Chen, President of Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, was elected as a member of Department of Mechanical and Transportation Engineering of Chinese Academy of Engineering. Just in January this year, he won back the certificate of the first prize of 2014 National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. The prize winner was the project of Design, Manufacture and Maintenance of Important Pressure Vessels under Extreme Conditions completed by him and his scientific research team after nine years of hard work.

Since the beginning of this century, with the large-scale of energy industrial devices and the aggravation of sulfur and acid content in process media, pressure vessels are facing severe extreme conditions. And the design boundary and design criteria determined by traditional pressure vessel technical standards can’t meet the needs of the project. China has to rely on a large number of imported key construction equipment.

Since 2005, Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, has united with more than 20 domestic units and more than 100 people to tackle key problems. After nine years of efforts, Xuedong Chen led the scientific research team to make breakthroughs in the expansion of design boundary, proposal of design criteria, prediction and control of life-cycle service risks, and localization of major equipment for extreme service environment and extreme scale pressure vessels, meeting the construction needs of national major projects such as million tons of ethylene, million tons of oil refining, large-scale coal chemical industry, etc.

After winning the first prize of 2014 National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, Xuedong Chen once said” In the future, the extreme conditions in electric power, metallurgy, high-pressure hydrogen storage, deep-sea exploration, aerospace and other fields will become more and more harsh, and the manufacturing of pressure vessels will become more and more difficult.” Together with his colleagues, he will challenge every possible extreme condition and create greater value for the society.