ZJU -UMONS Virtual Workshop 2021 held on Yuquan Campus


April 22, 2021

ZJU -UMONS Virtual Workshop 2021 held on Yuquan Campus  

During April 20-21, the ZJU -UMONS Virtual Workshop 2021 is held successfully on Yuquan Campus of Zhejang University. The workshop is themed as “High performance biopolymers and nano-functional materials”. This workshop invites more than 50 experts and excellent doctoral students from Zhejiang University (China), Université de Mons(Belgium),Materia Nova(Belgium) ,IP-BAS(Bulgaria) and Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden) to share their research progresses in the fields of high performance biopolymer and functional nano - materials. The goals of the forum is to promote knowledge exchange among professors and postgraduate students and future collaboration between ZJU and UMons. 

At the beginning of the workshop, Professor Bogeng Li from Zhejiang University and Professor Philippe Dubois from the Université de Mons  (Member of the Academia Europaea, Fellow of the Royal Belgium Academy of Science and President of the Université de Mons) jointly delivered opening speeches. Both sides introduced their development of institutes and good cooperation between both sides, and expressed their willingness to further cooperate. The workshop was co-hosted by doctoral Jieyuan Zheng from the College of Chemical and Biological Engineering in Zhejiang University(ZJU CBE), and Ms. Roscal Mincheva from University of Mons.

ZJU CBE Prof. Hong Fan, ZJU CBE Prof. Linbo Wu, ZJU 100 Young Prof. Min Lin and Pingwei Liu, ZJU CBE Associate Prof. Haojie Yu, Prof. Leïla Bonnaud from Université de Mons, Prof. Jean-Marie Raquez from Chalmers University of Technology, and Prof. Olya Stoilova from IP-BAS etc., shared their research in the progresses and frontier of technology. ZJU CBE doctoral students Yuquan Cai, Wei Jiang, Lei Lai and Md Alim Uddin, and other universities's doctoral N. Baleine, A. Avella, C. Magnani and M. Ben Abdeljawad also shared their newest research works and discussed online with participants during the meeting. 

At the end of the workshop, ZJU CBE Professor Hong Fan expressed sincere thanks to the experts, teachers and students attending the meeting. He hoped that the meeting could promote the exchange of disciplines, activate the atmosphere of scientific research and encourage academic innovation.

To learn more about Prof. Hong Fan’s research group, go to https://person.zju.edu.cn/en/0089285.