Professor Li Wang elected as Foreign Fellow of Russian Academy of Engineering


April 25, 2021

Professor Li Wang elected as Foreign Fellow of Russian Academy of Engineering

Recently, Professor Li Wang from Zhejiang University College of Chemical and Biological Engineering is elected as a foreign fellow of the Russian Academy of engineering for his innovative contribution in the field of polymer materials.

Prof. Li Wang obtained his doctoral degree in Zhejiang University and completed his post-doctoral research in the University of Waterloo, Canada. He is now a distinguished professor and doctoral supervisor of Zhejiang University, a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and the President of Wenzhou Ken University, China. He has been a Guest Professor in Yale University, University of Washington, University of California, Irvine, etc. He has been engaged in the research of polymer materials for a long time, especially in the field of the application of ferrocene based special polymers in propellants and special coatings.

He has published more than 350 SCI indexed papers in Chem. Rev., Angelw. Chem., etc. Searching from Web Of Science, the number of papers published by Professor Li Wang's research group in ferrocenyl compounds and polymers ranked first in China, and published two monographs. He has been invited to visit more than 40 countries such as the United States, Russia, Britain, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, etc., and more than 150 important universities and research institutions such as Yale University, Moscow National University, Cambridge University, Oxford University, University of California, University of Washington, etc. He has made more than 150 reports or academic exchanges and has a great influence in this field in the world.

Russian Academy of Engineering is the most comprehensive and important academic institution in Russian engineering field. The first president is Russian famous scientist and Nobel Prize winner Aleksandr M.Prokhorov. According to the investigation, the Russian Academy of Engineering has more than 1500 academicians, including more than 100 foreign academicians. Academician Kuangdi Xu, the former President of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Academician Yusheng Zhai of China University of Geosciences have also won the honor.

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