Grade Meeting of 2019 Undergraduate held successfully


April 24,2021

Grade meeting of  2019 undergraduate held successfully

At the afternoon of April 16, the 2019 undergraduate grade meeting of College of Chemical and Biological Engineering of Zhejiang University (ZJU CBE) was successfully held on Zijingang Campus. ZJU CBE’s vice deanPengju Pan, Luming Shen, Assistant Secretary of CPC Committee of ZJU CBE, and Hong Zhang, vice chief teaching officer of ZJU CBE’s Teaching Office, Hong Yin, the grade leader of grade 2019, Shaodong Zhou and Zhikan Yao, the head teacher of grade 2019, Jie Ma, the Secretary of the Youth League Committee, Yuqing Zhang, the Assistant Secretary of the Youth League Committee, Hailun Huang, the counselor of ZJU CBE, and other teachers attended the meeting. All students of grade 2019 participated in the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Jie Ma.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Luming Shen introduced the overall academic situation of the undergraduates of grade 2019 in the last semester, and made a horizontal comparison of the academic year results among grades, pointing out that the students' academic situation is highly differentiated. We encourage everyone to start from their own conditions and find out and fill the gaps. The college will provide full support for the students.

After that, Mr. Luming Shen further introduced the graduation situation of the undergraduates in 2020. In terms of continuing education, the overall further study rate of the college has exceeded 50% in a row. The college has created good conditions for students to further study at home and abroad. In the new semester, Mr. Shen hoped that students of grade 2019 can focus more on their studies, plan a personal development direction, and have a good university life.

Starting from the history of human development, Tutor Hong Yin pointed out that the times are progressing with the continuous accumulation of knowledge, and the students' learning life will be a process of accumulating more and more. She said that such a process is deeply reflected in the exercise and progress of mental and physical strength, and in the process of pursuing a long-term goal. Mrs. Yin hopes that everyone can develop in a balanced way, so that high morale and abundant physical fitness can become the vigorous driving force on the way to study.

Tutor Hong Zhang introduced the students' academic situation in detail and put forward academic suggestions and requirements for their future development, so that the students have a more profound and comprehensive understanding of their future learning process. Subsequently, Mr. Zhang Hong read out the list of students selected for the excellence program of grade 2019, and the leaders and teachers presented the certificate of students selected for the excellence program.

Then, ZJU 100 Young Professor Shaodong Zhou and Associate Researcher Zhikan Yao spoke in turn on behalf of the 2019 class teacher.

Starting from his own life experience, Professor Shaodong Zhou shared with the students his life experience of devoting himself to the cultivation of chemical engineering talents. He encouraged the students to be loyal to their study, pay attention to the accumulation of chemical engineering knowledge, and realize their life value on the  study way.

In combination with his university life, Zhikan Yao focuses on his own research path. He hopes that students can cultivate active learning enthusiasm and devote themselves to the cultivation of academic research. Meanwhile, he also puts forward a series of requirements for students to set up a series of goals from short to long term.

In the sharing session, Professor Pengju Pan put forward the requirements of setting up lofty goals and scientifically planning studies. He reviewed the brilliant road of the College of Chemical and Biological Engineering in the past 100 years, and pointed out that everyone should learn to summarize and extend thinking before each stage.In terms of professional training, chemical engineering of Zhejiang University, as a basic discipline, has a long history and strong vitality. In the nearly 100 years of construction, it does not stick to the past achievements, but constantly innovates and develops, providing a wide range of high-level talents for the construction of the country. Under the discipline characteristics of thick foundation, wide specialty, overall situation and easy expansion, the College of Chemical and Biological Engineering of Zhejiang University provides every chemical engineering student with a full curriculum and strong teaching staff. President Pengju Pan also put forward the requirements for students to put their studies in the first place, to have a clear orientation, and to set up phased goals, reminding everyone to make a good graduation plan in advance.

The conference came to a successful conclusion. The students expressed that they were inspired and inspired. They would plan their next study and life with firmer belief and improve their comprehensive ability more comprehensively.

There are thousands of possibilities to strive. Seeking truth from facts and striving for perfection are the unchangeable belief behind every effort. We should stick to it day by day and set sail towards the other side of our dream.