Youth is the key to scientific research and innovation


JUNE 4, 2021

Youth is the key to scientific research and innovation

At 14:00 on May 21, Professor Buxing Han, the member of Chinese Academy of Sciences gives a Shouheng Lecture in Yongqian Hall of Yuquan Campus of Zhejiang University. Professor Buxing Han, researcher Zhimin Liu and director Liping Meng from the Institute of Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences are invited to participate in the meeting. Dean Huabin Xing, Deputy Secretary of Party committee Lvming Shen, Researcher Liang Wang, Secretary of Youth League Committee Jie Ma and Deputy Secretary of Youth League Committee Zhang Yuqing from the College of Chemical and Biological Engineering of Zhejiang University (ZJU CBE) join the symposium. More than 100 undergraduate and graduate representatives participate in the workshop.

At the beginning of this lecture, Liping Meng, director of Education Department of Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, giving a comprehensive introduction to the Institute. Founded in 1956, the Institute of Chemistry is a high-level chemical research institution with important international influence in China. Ms. Meng gives a comprehensive explanation on the basic situation, scientific research achievements, postgraduate education and other aspects, and introduced the work of the Institute of Chemistry in detail. The strong talent team, superior environment and rich resources of the Institute of Chemistry made the students present yearn for it. Director Meng also encourages students who are interested in scientific research to join the Institute of Chemistry.

After that, Professor Buxing Han makes a report entitled "Green chemistry and green carbon science" for the ZJU CBE’s faculties and students, explaining the development and prospects of green chemistry in simple terms. Professor Han analyzes from the national and global perspectives, introduces the main contents and importance of green chemistry and green carbon science in detail, and analyzes various paths to realize green chemistry. In the report, Professor Buxing Han encourages everyone to participate more actively in scientific research and innovation and promote the sustainable development of chemistry and chemical industry. At the end of the report, Professor Buxing Han further introduces the basic situation and research direction of his research group, and send out an invitation to the outstanding chemical engineering students of Zhejiang University to join the Institute.

Researcher Zhimin Liu makes a report entitled "Design, properties and functions of ionic liquid system". Taking the common phenomena in daily life as an example, Ms. Liu vividly introduced the importance and wide application of green solvents. Among them, Ms. Liu focused on the relevant knowledge of ionic liquids and the research on the catalytic regulation of ionic liquids in a variety of reactions, which aroused the strong interest of the field students. Finally, Researcher Zhimin Liu highly affirms the performance of women in scientific research, encourages the female students to give full play to women's unique advantages in scientific research, adhere to professional ideals, and help the chemical industry develop better.

During the exchange session, the students raise various questions about the contents of the reports and the scientific research life of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The teachers answer them one by one, and the students feel that they benefit a lot.

Finally, the workshop is successfully concluded with warm applause. Dean Xing Huabin expresses his best wishes to the students and encourages them to sign up for the summer camp of the Institute of chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to study on a broader platform.