A amount of ZJU CBE’s academic advances elected as Top 10 ZJU Academic Advances 2019-20


June 23, 2021

A amount of ZJU CBE's academic advances elected as Top 10 ZJU Academic Advances 2019-20

On June 7, the awarding ceremony for the Top 10 ZJU Academic Advances 2020 was held in Qiushi Lecture Hall, Zijingang Campus. At the ceremony, the ZJU Academic Committee presented the awards for the Most Outstanding Contribution 2020 and Top 10 ZJU Academic Advances 2020.

The Top 10 ZJU Academic Advances 2020 selection activity was started in January 2021, and 30 candidate projects were recommended. With the joint participation and support of faculties, students and the public, the Top 10 ZJU Academic Advances 2020 were selected through the evaluation of members of Academic Committee, specially invited experts and wechat praise.

Hydrophobic zeolite modification for in situ peroxide formation in methane oxidation to methanol, headed by Professor Fengshou Xiao from the College of Chemical and Biological Engineering of Zhejiang University (ZJU CBE), was elected as Top 10 ZJU Academic Advances 2020. This project creatively put forward the strategy of "molecular fence" to design catalyst. The experimental results show that the new catalyst can efficiently convert methane to methanol in situ at low temperature, breaking through the existing conversion limit, with conversion rate of 17.3% and methanol selectivity of 92%.

Research and development of active permeable and highly effective anti-tumor nanodrugs, headed by Professor Youqing Shen from ZJU CBE, was elected as Top 10 ZJU Academic Advances 2019. This project proposed a new mechanism of active penetration of nanodrugs in tumor tissues for the first time. On this basis, a series of highly effective nanodrugs were designed and synthesized.

Topological heterogeneous polymer network, headed by Professor Tao Xie from ZJU CBE, was nominated for the Top 10 ZJU Academic Advances 2020. A new concept of topological heterogeneous polymer network is proposed. The network structure of the material is driven by entropy, and controlled isomerization occurs through dynamic covalent bond exchange, so as to realize the continuous programming control of physical and chemical properties such as crystallization of polymer materials.

Science and technology is the primary productive force. “It’s been 9 years since the establishment of the Award for the Top 10 ZJU Academic Advances in 2013,” said Prof. Ze Zhang, chair of Zhejiang University Academic Committee. The purpose of the activity is to take stock of the achievements made by scholars of Zhejiang University in the fields of academic frontier, scientific and technological innovation and social development. ZJU CBE have won the awards for many times, which is of great significance to encourage ZJU CBE's researchers to study and serve the people.

To learn more about this event, please go to https://www.zju.edu.cn/english/2021/0611/c19573a2386400/page.htm.