Virtual Course 2021- HKUST Frontiers in Chemical and Biological Engineering


From August 23 to August 24, 53 graduate students and 88 undergraduate students from Zhejiang University were organized and led by teachers Yang Bin, Hou Yang, Qian Liguang, participated in the 2021 HKUST Online Exchange program as well as HKUST Enrollment Promotion Program.

I Introduction of HKUST

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, also known as HKUST, is a public research university in Hong Kong, which is located on Clear Water Bay Peninsula in Sai Kung, New Territories, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), founded in 1991, is the third institution in Hong Kong to achieve the title of university. Founded only 30 years ago, HKUST is now one of the leading research institutions in Asia and the world. It is considered one of the fastest growing universities throughout the world. In 2021, HKUST is ranked 34th in the QS World University Rankings and 3rd in The Times Higher Education World Young University Rankings.

HKUSTcurrently owns four academic faculties, an Interdisciplinary Program Office and two research institutes covering a wide range of disciplines including science, engineering, business education, humanities and social sciences.

II Course Content

During the two-day online course, ZJUers not only deepened their professional knowledge, but also broadened their international vision and benefited a lot with the guidance of Professor Shao Minhua and 12 senior professors from the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering of HKUST.

On the morning of 23rd, Professor I-Ming Hsing, dean of department of Chemical and Biological Engineering of HKUST, delivered a speech to welcome students from Zhejiang University for online communication. Afterwards, Professor Minhua Shao gave an introduction on HKUST's master's courses and electrochemical energy technology. After the HKUST recruitment program, students took the initiative to ask questions, discuss with teachers, and argued aboutissues such as future development and career planning.

At the end of the online-exchange, Professor Furong Gao and Professor Hanhu Gao gave lectures on the research and technology of batch process automation and intelligent factory, and delivered excellent dissertations on computer-aided synthesis planning of drug development, and exchanged professional experience with students from Zhejiang University.

In the afternoon, Professor Terence Wong introduced the development path and application ideas of next-generation imaging equipment from basic research to clinical medicine, which strongly opened a new idea for ZJUers to apply scientific research results into practical development.Professor Fei Sun firstly gave a brief introduction to the RPG project, and then helped students in Zhejiang University to obtain a new understanding of the engineering biology of new materials. Finally, Prof. Yoonseob Kim gave us a brief introduction to porous crystalline polymers for clean water and rechargeable energy, a personal review of chemical research in environmental protectionincluded.

On the morning of the 24th, Professor Richard Lakerveld introduced new process concepts and computational tools for drug crystallization. After that, Professor Becki Yi Kuang talked about the application of induced pluripotent stem cells and chemical engineering. Finally, Professor Zhengtang Luo introduced the synthesis and application of graphene and two-dimensional materials, lectured on the synthesis and application of graphene and two-dimensional materials which are widely concerned by the society, and answered many questions from students in Zhejiang University, which deepened our understanding of materials science research and graphene research field.

In the afternoon, Professor Frank Lam addressed a wonderful presentation on his research area , photocatalytic wastewater treatment, and how to further study in the material design, reaction mechanism research and light reactor design, so as to industrialize the technology provides a new idea; After that, Professor Ping Gao told us about the scientific research experience of designing super strong polymer nanomaterials through topology and conformation operation, which really helped the students of Zhejiang University understand better the difficulties and hardships of scientific research. In the end, Marshal LIU, with his humor and elegant temperament, used vivid cases of chemical products to develop the close connection between chemical industry and life for us, from the beer industry in Hong Kong to a variety of washing and care products on the market, from the self-heating rice bag to the portable air conditioner that automatically cools in summer, which stands for the perfect end of online learning activities.

III Experiences

Shakespeare said, Knowledge is the wing that leads to heaven. Despite the epidemic, thanks to the hard work and perseverance of teachers and students from Zhejiang University and HKUST, the event has been a complete success. Although Zhejiang University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology are thousands of miles apart, the passion of spreading knowledge and friendship between each other is strong. The bridge we have built enables the wonderful lectures of professors from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to travel across the sea and fly into the homes of many students from Zhejiang University.

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