Summer Lab at Zhejiang University

Global Education, Academics, and Research Skills

The Summer Lab program at Zhejiang University is a unique academic-research-cultural exchange program that enables academically gifted undergraduate students from overseas partner institutions to come to our Yuquan campus, engage in a non-degree and credit campus experience, participate in cultural programs, and explore research relevant to  programs at their home institution. There is only one session to choose from in the Summer (June to August).

Due to Covid-19, we are currently suspending plans for Summer 2020. More info. will be available soon.

This full-time program will:

1.    Introduce students to the life of a graduate student in China; visiting students can interact with Zhejiang University students, faculty, and researchers

2.    Introduce students to different aspects of studying at a Chinese graduate institution; as a visiting student you will have the opportunity to engage in various workshops, observe classes, and engage in a study project.

3.   Provide seven experiments in Chemical Engineering, the students wil bel awarded credit from their home institution.

4.   Provide four visits to famous chemical companies in China.5.   Provide cultural excursions and weekend trips to learn more about life at a Chinese university and Chinese culture.

The detailed program plan is as following:

  Week 0  Arrive in Hangzhou , get registered, and adjust to jet lag over the weekend

  Week 1  EXP 1 (Flow Resistance) and EXP 2 (Heat Exchange), an Industry Tour 1

  Week 2  EXP 3 (Absorption), EXP 4 (Extraction), an Industry Tour 2 & Local Trip

  Week 3  EXP 5 (Distillation) and EXP 6 (Drying), Industry Tour 3 &4

  Week 4  EXP 7a (HTEP Distillation)

  Week 5   EXP 7b ( Design Experiment), Oral Presentation & Farewell Party 

  Week 6   Tour to popular sites in China (Optional)

This is a competitive full-time academic program ,which awards creditstowards your degree program at your home institution. It is limited to students selected by one of our partner institutions overseas.

Please contact your school’s international office or email us for information about the program and application process. This is a very competitive program and there is no Chinese language requirement.

Overseas Partners

If you are interested in having your top students engage in this program at Zhejiang University, please contact us at Most students participating in the program are in the Chemical Engineering fields.