Engineering Laboratory for Industrial Biocatalysis of Zhejiang Province 

Industrial biocatalysis refers to science and technology to produce various chemicals with enzymes or biological organisms (whole cells, organelle, tissues) as catalysts. It is one of the most dynamic areas of modern research in chemical engineering science, which is also the important cross-disciplinary of biological science, chemistry science, engineering science and information science.

The Engineering Laboratory for Industrial Biocatalysis of Zhejiang Province is focusing on international frontier researches on industrial biocatalysis and facing the great demands of chemical engineering industry of Zhejiang Province. The laboratory will build a high level fundamental and applied research platform. By developing the key and common technologies in industrial biocatalysis processes, the lab will gather and train young scientists, and promote scientific research institutions to play important role in enhancing the technique level of industrial biocatalysis. The main research will cover discovery and creation of biocatalyst, biocatalysis process and reactor, bioseparation process and process level integration, and scale-up of the biocatalysis process. 

This lab have staff members including Prof. Li-rong YANG, Prof. Shan-jing YAO, Prof. You-qing SHEN, Prof. Dong-qiang LIN, Prof. Jian-ping LIN, Prof. Zhi-nan XU, and Prof. Hong-wei YU.

Director: Li-rong YANG, Tel: +86-571-879523631, E-mail:
Associate Director: Jian-ping LIN, Tel: +86-571-879512201, E-mail: