1. Institute of Chemical Engineering
Established in 1941, Institute of Chemical Engineering offers a research platform for Ph. D. and Master’s degrees. The core specialty of the institute, chemical engineering, is ranked as a national key discipline.

After restructure in 2000, the institute currently has 25 faculty and staff members, including 7 professors and 12 associate professors. The institute is well known for its strong bond with many domestic enterprises. It undertakes many national research projects. Hundreds of papers have been published in referred journals, including AIChE J., IECR, etc.

The research field of the institute covers fine chemicals, mass transfer and separation engineering, energy and fuel, process information of chemical engineering, and chemical engineering thermodynamics. Particularly, the projects comprise new technology in fine chemicals, synthesis and application of organic nitrogen, sulfur or fluorine compounds, medical intermediates and crude drugs, synthesis and separation of enantiotopic chemicals, new technology and equipment of separation, extraction, separation and chemical modification of natural active constituents, phenomenon of interface transfer, physical chemistry hydrodynamics, intensification of heat transfer, energy-efficient drying technology, fuel cell, modeling, simulation and optimization of process system, information management system, decision supporting system and application of computer in chemical engineering, intelligent processing of chemical engineering information, test of production and automatic control, equation of state and its application, basic statistics in chemical engineering and their modeling.

Director: Zhou=peng LI, Tel: +86-571-8795-3149, E-mail: zhoupe@zju.edu.cn 
Associate Director :Chao QIAN, Tel: +86-571-8795-1615, E-mail: qianchao@zju.edu.cn
Associate Director :Cheng-xi WANG, Tel: +86-571-8795-1742, E-mail: 

2. UNILAB Research Center for Chemical Reaction Engineering
UNILAB Research Center for Chemical Reaction Engineering was jointly founded by Zhejiang University and SINOPEC in 1983. The center originated from Teaching and Research Laboratory of Chemical Reaction Engineering established in 1971. The center has 26 full-time faculty and staff members, including 10 professors and 11 associate professors, 54 Ph.D. students, 88 Master students and 1 Post-doctoral fellows.
The top-level faculty of the center is leading research of its kind nationally in a broad range of research fields in chemical engineering, from fundamental scientific study of physical and chemical phenomena, technological investigations of processes and equipment, to development of techniques for planning, design and control of processes. The center keeps track of the industry application closely by maintaining collaboration with major Chinese chemical companies. Excellent works done in the areas of chemical reactors are highly recognized by SINOPEC and many other companies.
The center possesses a wide range of technical apparatus and computing equipment, such as several large-scale fixed beds for catalyst evaluation, a plant of supercritical flow for extraction and reaction, micro-reactor platform, integrated plant for reaction and separation, pilot scale spray equipment, thermo-gravimetric analyzer, high temperature fixed fluidized reactor, in-situ FTIR, liquid chromatography, olefin polymerization plant, CFD software, experimental platform of large scale and pressurized fluidized bed and other multiphase flow reactors. Three main research areas are multiphase flow chemical reaction engineering, catalyst engineering, and fine chemical engineering. Research projects concerning fundamental theory and application development have been carried out in many fields, such as scale-up of fluidized bed reactor, olefin polymerization engineering, measurement of multiphase flow, steam methane reforming, synthesis of metallocene catalyst and high-performance resin, catalyst design and reaction kinetics, in-situ infrared technology and catalytic mechanism, gas-liquid reaction and reactor technology, process intensification fine chemicals, process integration for minimization of energy, water and hydrogen, modern coal chemical industry, supercritical reaction and extraction technology, bioreaction engineering, micromixing and superfine material preparation, etc.
In recent years, the center has undertaken a number of major projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, provincial government, and large enterprises. Extensive academic exchange and research collaboration projects between the center and many famous petrochemical companies, research institutes, and universities domestically and overseas, have been conducted.
Director:Jing-dai WANG, Tel: +86-571-8795-1227, E-mail: wangjd@zju.edu.cn
Associate Director: Hong YIN, Tel: +86-571-8795-2620, E-mail: yinh@zju.edu.cn
Associate Director: Qing-hua ZHANG, Tel: +86-571-8795-3382, E-mail: qhzhang@zju.edu.cn
3. Institute of Polymer and Polymerization Engineering

With its origin as the plastics engineering major established in 1958, Institute of Polymer and Polymerization Engineering (IPPE) was restructured from Research Laboratory of Polymer Reaction Engineering in 1972. In 1990, Institute of Polymer Science and Engineering was established. It was renamed as Institute of Polymer and Polymerization Engineering in 2009. Over the past 50 years, about 1000 students have graduated from the institute and some of them have become CEOs and CTOs of top Chinese companies (e.g. CEO of Sinopec), presidents of several leading Chinese universities, and professors at renowned university in and outside China.

IPPE currently has 29 faculty and staff members, 15 of them are full professors including one National Thousand Talents Plan professor, one Cheung Kong Professor, two recipients of National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars, and four New Century Excellent Talents. Our faculty also includes three visiting professors who are either Cheung Kong Lecture Professors (Ministry of Education) or Zhejiang University professors. The institute offers a platform for multi-faceted high education in polymer science and engineering, offering an undergraduate program in Chemical Engineering and Process, Master’s and Ph. D programs in Chemical Engineering and Technology. Currently, the total number of Master and Ph. D students is about 150. The institute hosts post-doctoral and visiting scholars on a regular basis and has established long term collaboration with renowned universities in USA, Germany, France, UK, Canada, and Japan.

IPPE offers a comprehensive list of equipments for polymer synthesis and characterization. In recent years, dozens of research projects sponsored by 973 projects, strategic NSFC grants, various ministries, and the provincial government have been conducted in the institute. Over 100 peer-reviewed papers are published and more than 20 patents are granted each year.

Director:  Ying-wu LUO, Tel: +86-571-8795-1280, E-mail:yingwu.luo@zju.edu.cn 
Associate Director: Yong-zhong BAO, Tel: +86-571-8795-1334, E-mail: yongzhongbao@zju.edu.cn
Associate Director: Peng-ju PAN, Tel: +86-571-8795-1334, E-mail: panpengju@zju.edu.cn 
Associate Director: Cai-liang ZHANG, Tel: +86-571-8795-1307, E-mail: zhangcailiang@zju.edu.cn

For more information sklpre.zju.edu.cn/ippe/english/

4. Institute of Bioengineering

Institue of Bioengineering was established upon Separation Engineering division of Department of Chemical Engineering in 1986. It started to recruit undergraduates in 1987, and got permission to confer master degree in 1988, and Ph. D. degree in 1993. In 2000, Biochemical Engineering became the Provincial Key Discipline and then became the National Key Breeding Discipline in 2007.

There are currently 24 faculty and staff members in the institute, including 12 professors and 9 associate professors. Over 60 undergraduate students, 80 Master students, and 60 Ph. D. candidates and 8 post-doctor fellows work in the institution. Consistent collaboration exists in education and research with top universities and institutes from America, Germany, England and Japan.

The institute is focused on  interaction between research and industry. Main research fields include: biochemical reaction engineering, bioseparation technology, biopharmaceutical engineering, bioresource engineering, bioprocess engineering, gene engineering, metabolic engineering, protein engineering, nano-biotechnology and membrane technology. Over the past five years, the institute has carried out over 30 research projects supported by NSFC, including National Science Fundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, Major Research plan and State Key Program. Other research projects include 973 Projects, Major Scientific Research Program, 863 Projects, provincial funded and industry sponsored projects. The institute has received many awards for scientific and technological achievements, including National Award for Technological Invention. Approximately 150 referred papers are published and over 20 patents are issued each year. More than 20 textbooks and monographs have been published.

Director: Dong-qiang LIN, Tel: +86-571-8795-1982, E-mail: lindq@zju.edu.cn
Associate director: Jiang-ping LIN, Tel: +86-571-8795-1220, E-mail: linjp@zju.edu.cn
Associate Director: Lin ZHANG, Tel: +86-0571-8795-2121, E-mail: linzhang@zju.edu.cn
Associate Director: Jin-ping Wu, Tel: +86-571-8795-2363, E-mail: wjp@zju.edu.cn

For more information che.zju.edu.cn/bioeng/

5. Institute of Pharmaceutical Engineering
Established in 2000, the Institute of Pharmaceutical Engineering (http://che.zju.edu.cn/IPE) consists of the researchers dedicating in new medicine development and pharmaceutical technology among the faculties in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. The institute includes the research labs working on the research areas such as natural pharmaceuticals, synthetic pharmaceuticals, green pharmaceutical engineering, macroporous silica based supramolecular recognized materials, and advanced functional materials for pharmaceuticals. In the institute, there are 17 full-time faculty and staff members, including 8 professors, 7 associate professors, and 1 senior engineer (10 advisors of PhD candidate). The academic leaders are Prof. Qilong Ren and Prof. Xiuyang Lv.
The Institute offers PhD candidate in the PhD specialties of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Bio-chemical Engineering, Process Engineering and Product Engineering, offers master candidate in the primary discipline of Chemical Engineering and Technology, and accepts postdoctoral researcher and visiting scholar. The Institute is also responsible for the training and supervision for the undergraduate students in Pharmaceutical Engineering. An integrated three-step talent training system for undergraduate student, master candidate and PhD candidate has been established. Annually, the institute offers 8-12 PhD candidates and 20-25 master candidates, training the advanced specialized talents proficient in pharmacology and pharmaceutical engineering for our country. In recent 5 years, the institute provided the program of Student Research Training Plan (SRTP) to more than 90% undergraduate students in Pharmaceutical Engineering, and won 2 awards of the Challenge Cup of National Undergraduate Students.
With the supports from Key Laboratory of Biomass Chemical Engineering of Ministry of Education and National Specialized Laboratory of Chemical Engineering for Secondary Resources, the Institute owns powerful ability for scientific research, a considerable amount of research equipment, and sufficient research funding. For scientific research, the emphasis is applying multidisciplinary technology to solve the problems in the fields of pharmaceutical Engineering and Pharmacology. The distinctive research areas include industrialized separation and purification technology of natural products, green pharmaceutical industry, continuous reaction technology, novel adsorption materials and technology, preparation of materials for targeted and functional medicines and so on. Annually, more than 100 academic papers are published (more than 50 papers indexed by SCI and EI), and 10 patents are authorized.
Director: Xiu-yang LU, Tel: +86-571-8795-2683, E-mail: luxiuyang@zju.edu.cn 
Associate Director: Sheng-fu CHEN, Tel: +86-571- 8795-3013, E-mail: schen@zju.edu.cn
Associate Director: Hua-bin XING, Tel: +86-571-8795-2375, E-mail: xinghb@zju.edu.cn
For more information che.zju.edu.cn/IPE/

6. Institute of Industrial Ecology and Environment

Institute of Industrial Ecology and Environment has been focusing on researches including industrial ecology, resources recycling, energy efficiency, chemical process safety, environmental protection, pollution control, and waste utilization. More specifically, there are ongoing studies on advanced oxidation technologies, advanced treatment of micro-polluted source water, reuse of wastewater, emission control of PM2.5, desulphurization and denitrification of flue gas, low temperature plasma assisted catalysis, low grade biomass utilization, and CO2 capture and storage.

The institute has four professors, four associate professors, and two affiliated professors who are also members of Chinese National Academy of Sciences. Interdisciplinary doctoral and postdoctoral programs were offered in either chemical engineering & technology or environmental science & engineering. There are five postdoctoral research associates and over 50 graduate students in master or Ph.D. programs. Researchers of the institute have published more than ten textbooks and over 300 research articles in leading academic journals in recent years.

The research projects of the institute are supported by National Nature Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China, and other government agencies through various research programs such as National High Technology Research and Development Program (863Program), National Basic Research Program (973Program), and National Key Technology Research and Development Program. Also, close collaborations have been made with diverse industries on the following subjects: process safety, environmental evaluation, industrial pollution control and management, ecological planning for eco-industrial parks, ecological environmental planning for towns and cities, remediation of contaminated environments, etc.

Technologies developed in the institute have been applied to several key national projects. The institute has also received several prestigious awards, including the highly competitive National Science & Technology Progress Award of China, from provincial and national authorities.

Director: Wei LI(Professor), Tel: +86-571-8827-3152, E-mail: w_li@zju.edu.cn
Associate Director: Yao SHI(Professor), Tel: +86-571-8827-3591, E-mail: shiyao@zju.edu.cn
Associate Director: Zhen LIU(Associate Professor), Tel: +86-571-8827-3897, E-mail: zliu@zju.edu.cn

For more information plasma.zju.edu.cn/