Undergraduate programs:
Chemical Engineering and Technology, Bioengineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering, and Process Equipment and Control
● Chemical Engineering and Technology
Chemical Engineering and Technology program is integrated with various disciplines in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and engineering. It is aimed to train talents with professional skills in development of green production technology and clean production process, and comprehensive knowledge on mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer modeling as well as principle of process industry. The program covers green chemistry, ecology, biology, and material science. Students can pursue their graduate studies in chemical engineering, chemistry, process control, material, biology, environment, and business. They can also get engaged in research, development, design, and management at universities, research institutes, and industries in chemical engineering, light chemistry, food, drug, material, energy, and environmental protection.
● Bioengineering
Bioengineering is a multi-discipline combining biology and engineering. It is aimed to develop talents with systematic biological knowledge and proficient engineering skills in design and management of biological engineering process and development of new technologies. Students can pursue graduate study or study abroad in biotechnology, chemical engineering, environment, pharmacy and food. They can also choose to engage in teaching, research, technological development, analysis, and management in various institutions, such as university, research institute, governmental department, biotechnology industry (biopharmaceuticals, bioenergy, and bioresource), food, chemicals, medicine production, and securities business.
● Pharmaceutical Engineering
Pharmaceutical Engineering is a discipline combining pharmaceutics, biology, and chemical engineering. It is aimed to develop talents with knowledge in biology, pharmaceutics, and chemical engineering, covering development of new medicine, management of medicine production, and design of process. The graduates can work in teaching institution, research institute, pharmaceutical company, biochemistry industry, chemical engineering company, and food industry.
● Process Equipment and Control
Process Equipment and Control is a specialty covering machinery, computer, control, mechanics, and chemical engineering. It is aimed to develop internationally-oriented talents with solid knowledge in machinery, computer, control, mechanics, material, and chemistry, and proficient skills in machinery design, computer, control, and information engineering. Graduates will engage in software development, research, development, and management in universities, research institutions, and high-tech enterprises.