(1)Undergraduate Joint Program
Centering on the objective of Zhejiang universuty to construct an international first-class university, College of Chemical and Biological Engineering actively carried out international exchange programs to cultivate innovative talents in chemical industry in recent years. From 2009, College of Chemical and Biological Engineering advertised itslef every year and was line with world standard by holding the reception of AIChE, visiting department of chemical and biological engineering of North American, holding international exchange month and allowing scientific research exchanges of students. And it has carried out all-round cooperation with the famous department of Chemical and Biological Engineering of the world ,including University of California, Berkeley, University of Minnesota, University of Wisconsin, Madison, UIUC, Northwestern University, McMaster university in Canada and University of Western Ontario etc .Among them, a number of joint training projects were signed, including 2+2, 3+1 and 3+X, and comprehensive cooperation and communication of students, teachers, courses and researches were successfully established. Taking joint training projects as opportunity, international cooperation in running schools as carrier , Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering tries to cultivate a new generation of chemical engineering talents and build the teaching staffs of International open course constantly .It would promote the international construction process of my department and our university gradually and contribute to making Zhejiang university become the international first-class university.
(2)Summer Research Experience
Besides carrying out joint training projects, College of Chemical and Biological Engineering and its cooperative education universities also carry out research exchange activities between students at the same time in the summer, so that outstanding students have a chance to study at other universities. Starting from the summer holiday of 2011, our college receives about 10 foreign students to study in our labs and sends our excellent students to study in foreign chemical engineering labs every summer holiday. In recent years, a good response and effect has been achieved in both universities. Firstly, foreign students have a deep understanding of students develop, curriculum system and scientific research direction in our department, and they give their constructive suggestions based on their learning experience. Meaningwhile, the rapid development of China, beautiful campus and convenient life make a good impression on overseas students. Their reports about their study at our universities would make other foreign students have a further understanding of our university and department and give them a impetus of coming China. Furthermore, our students benefite a lot. Overseas students’ coming promotes cultural interaction and makes study atmosphere more active. More importantly, our students could learn general career development plans of related foreign students, unique vision and ability to think independently from foreign students.